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    Lionel is the initiator behind the brand, and the living heir of Felix Dumay... yes for real, six generations of dedication ! From his ancestor, he kept the pleasure to share good things with the one he likes. Never tired of working hard, he always finds solutions when people would let go.


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    Coming from catering business and having graduated at the EHL, Victor always knows how to serve the perfect drink. He is Swiss, and he organizes things. 


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    Valentin Mbengalack


    Valentin is the coolest guy in town. With his natural flair he will convince your grandma to go on a rock n' roll safari. In real life, you'll find him taking care of the production or out in bars spreading the message about Dumay.


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    Geologist in chief

    Martin comes to visit us during the summers. He knows almost every rock around our vineyards, and brings in all this knowledge on the things going on beneith the surface.

    Jean-Étienne Gourvès

    F&B composer

    His taste for fine things make him the Maestro when it comes to designing new drinks and recipes. Passionate of the good things in life, you should stay close to this one if you want to get a taste of magic.




    Michael helps out with sales when he is on trips with our partner brand Le Baume de Bouteville. He believes that good people make the world turn. And good food and drinks make the world turn. With his fine hands he prepares amazing meals. And he is always up for a sip of Cognac.